Education & Research

IT’S Engineering supports activities and initiatives that contribute to the development of engineering on an educational level. These projects are preferably related to our field of interest. Examples of these support activities are:

  • Donation of the main computer and an Oculus Quest VR headset to the FlightSimDelft team of InHolland Composites Delft.
  • Financial support for the Stratos III rocket by DARE (Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering), a group of ambitious students of the Delft University of Technology.
  • Engineering support for the Design-Build-Test project of 3rd year aeronautical engineering students of the INHolland University of applied sciences, specializing in lightweight structures.
  • Engineering support for a weight saving feasibility study of secondary aircraft structures of mechanical engineering students of the Avans University of applied sciences.

IT’S Engineering is also involved in several research programs such as a collaboration with SAMXL (Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL). SAMXL is a collaborative research centre under the auspices of the TU Delft where technology is being developed for automated manufacturing. Within this collaboration, research is done in line with the field of interest of both IT’S Engineering and SAMXL in mechanical and software engineering.

Internships or graduation projects are always a possibility at IT’S Engineering. For more information please visit vacancies.