Our team

All our initial team members have a minimum of 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering, all with a background in Aerospace Engineering. This experience has been gained during a variety of projects in multiple branches, resulting in a broad knowledge of structures and analyses.

In January 2019, IT’S Engineering setup a design team in cooperation with third parties originating from the aerospace industry. This team is a mixture of experienced (5 to 10 years of experience) and junior engineers.

In 2020 a team specialized in software engineering will be set up. This team will support activities of the mechanical engineering team but also run separate projects.

We are always in search of junior engineers (0 to 5 years of experience) to expand our teams. The goal is a healthy mix of experienced and junior engineers.

Combining the knowledge and skills of our engineers will result in the best solution for our clients.

Analysis types


Our design engineers have experience with designing both metal as composite constructions.

Structural Mechanics

Our structural mechanics engineers are experienced in analyses regarding:
  • Strength and stability (buckling)
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Stiffness of components and assemblies
  • Dynamics
Our structural mechanics engineers have experience with metal, composite and Glare products.

Test support

We have experience with test support for both full scale as component testing.



Our design engineers have experience with a wide variety of CAD programs. These include the CAD programs generally used in the industry.

Finite Element Modelling

Our mechanical engineers have experience with a wide variety of FEM programs. These include the FEM programs generally used in the industry.


Our engineers have experience with several programming languages. These include the programming languages generally used for design and analysis automation.